Mythopoeia and Other Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Mythopoeia Onomatopoeia Sounds of the real world And cinematic comics Mythopoeia Mythical and mystical Fantasy Intended to educate About reality Myths might be fictional But they are definitely educational For the Greeks and the Romans And anything culturally worldly Have impacted world history Since the dawn of civilization   Poetic Style Style and grace Go … Continue reading Mythopoeia and Other Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Death of Faith

By John Page The golden figure stood alone It stood tall among the shadows It was a titan The very ideal of a man No mere mortal could hope to measure up To the shear size of it However, Its very size only highlighted That is was alone No one came to honor it No … Continue reading Death of Faith

“Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

By Thomas Page A father and son, Telemachus and The lost Odysseus Penelope’s basket and Sisyphus’ rock; Both always undone Dyed-blue bearded god, Brother heavenly thundered, Mimics by shaking Homer’s xenia, Custom hospitality, Stories and cyclops Boiling marrow Dry from bones, fear slowly cooks Courage from strong legs The eagle and geese War in Penelope’s … Continue reading “Ithaca” (Haiku 196-203)

Hephaestus And Zeus

By Thomas Page “Hephaestus” They called it Carolinian Stone in the catalogue. It’s gray Upon tinted gray. A gas line Feeds into a glass chamber where It ignites in bound passionate Fire. It makes a banging noise Whenever it’s turned on like Hephaestus’ forge underground. “Zeus” It, like other appliances, Is platinum. It’s interior Is … Continue reading Hephaestus And Zeus

Holiday Contest Winner- Fiction: We Better Get Back Before Dark

By David Ritterskamp “We better get back before dark, Pad.” Kittle’s voice was the only sound either of them had heard all through the quiet, cold day other than the background noise of snow falling, and their feet scrrching through it. Neither of them wanted to say it, but they knew they were in for … Continue reading Holiday Contest Winner- Fiction: We Better Get Back Before Dark