Watching You

By Nancy Lou Henderson Running, leaping, dancing along the electric line, watching, praying you will be fine. Straddling, clinging, sleeping on the branch of a tree, wondering, questioning if you see me. Flipping, rushing, fleeing from a Mocking bird, laughing, knowing that you heard. Digging, covering, patting the ground, loving, seeing, as you look around. … Continue reading Watching You

In the Web

By Solahudeen Ridwanullah O. Spiders are here again tangling webs One entangles into the other like inter-net May our spirits connect Like the twin arms of a walking clock One ticks as the other tacks. Mother said honey is good for kids, I threw cakes away and shuddered towards her breast. To see is eyes; … Continue reading In the Web

Photography by Laura Giardina

Photos from Top Left to Bottom are: “Native Palms,” “Pueblo Dwellings,” and “Wild and Free,” Laura Giardina is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts, New York, where she majored in Photography and Media Arts/Illustration. She has served as manager in creative at Avon Products, Inc. and has photographed products, models, and many of … Continue reading Photography by Laura Giardina