Three Poems by Connor Orrico

1 there is war in my head -- no romanticized valorous triumph just terror and violence and no place to go home to, nowhere to rest my head; within the noise I search for words to carve meaning from darkness but i am lost, wearied by the night 2 My thoughts are goblins, my thoughts … Continue reading Three Poems by Connor Orrico

Poems by Nardine Sanderson

When the wild bird sings. When the wild bird sings a domesticated song;  you know in your heart,  he belongs to the sound And in his presence your heart beats faster, having had him around He may sit idle by, on a fence or in a tree; rejoicing in the brevity of your open door … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Night’s Wedding

By Gina Elliott                                        The sun burned in envy,                                        when the night wed the moon,                                         adorned in stars,                                         with the Milky Way her bridal gown,                                         A hush enveloped her … Continue reading Night’s Wedding

Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)

319 Hummingbird feeder In a hibernating tree— My bare hands are cold. 320 April showers wash Away Japanese flowers— Bonsai gardener. 321 How could I ever Count the raindrops on windows— Reflection of stars. 322 My foot plunges in Puddles deep as trenches chilled With the absent light.   323 A faceless chamber Voting against … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page (319-337)