Poems by Robert Beveridge

COMPEL   Let your voice wrap me in the cool compress of wonderment. It damps my brow, washes fever into runoff traps.   It is what you ask, and what, for you, I do.   HOW MANY HEARTS HAVE YOU BROKEN?   Leather on the tongue, luggage strap whose taste masks the herbs beneath. Roasted, … Continue reading Poems by Robert Beveridge

At Night

By Lynn White   At Night I think I am less afraid of the dark than the light. Night time engulfs me, covers me gently with it’s thick darkness, comforts me with it’s curtains of blackness. I don’t need to hide. It hides me. Hides me from exposure, hides from me that which I fear … Continue reading At Night

Night’s Wedding

By Gina Elliott                                        The sun burned in envy,                                        when the night wed the moon,                                         adorned in stars,                                         with the Milky Way her bridal gown,                                         A hush enveloped her … Continue reading Night’s Wedding