Poetry by David Dephy

When I Am Going Out in the Summertime   When I am going out of the New York’s subway and especially in the summertime, through the Avenue H by the Q train in Brooklyn, I hear the sounds of ocean. Yet, I hear the sounds of ocean—the sounds of thoughts, the sounds of wishes and … Continue reading Poetry by David Dephy

Flying at Night

By Anthony Palma   All you see are the lights, starfire ground into dust, dimming and sharpening like pencils until they are little but pinpricks, a terrestrial star chart. They are the spaces we forget, the front porch light left on, the street lamp guarding our slumber unceasing. On the highways they mark cars, photons … Continue reading Flying at Night

Poems by Nardine Sanderson

Untainted flowers. ___________________ Untainted flowers have come to rest Where love resides, within my chest A beating heart where once lacked light Beautifully grown, this garden in sight. Bright eye _____________ She may have wept his parted days, and sleepless nights a restless gaze Into starlight there above In countless mourning Of their love For … Continue reading Poems by Nardine Sanderson