Poetry and Emotions

By Eva Marie Cagley I have often wrote my best poetry when I am experiencing some kind of emotions whether it be happy, sad, angry, elated or just plain love struck. That’s when my best poetry is born. My muse is running in high gear and the words just pour out like raindrops. To capture … Continue reading Poetry and Emotions

The Stranger at Our Doorstep

By John F. Zurn When I was a young boy, one of my most troubling problems proved to be sensitivity. This difficulty handling emotions often embarrassed me because it made me appear immature. Any type of scolding would trigger tears, but so could hurt feelings, or mourning the death of a pet. Whether at school … Continue reading The Stranger at Our Doorstep

Contrasts, Opposites, and the Need to be Different

By Alex Andy Phuong A prevalent theme in literature and poetry is the idea of opposites.  Famous examples include Marianne and Elinor Dashwood in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, and various character foils in novels like Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations.  Because it is such an effective technique, contrasting ideas have the ability to reveal universal … Continue reading Contrasts, Opposites, and the Need to be Different