The Silence of the Wild Dogs

By Dr. Elizabeth V. Koshy  We had just settled on the playground of the Amravati University in a huge circle for lunch that day, when we noticed a few dogs, standing a few feet away from us, all looking towards us. A fawn coloured dog stood a little distance away from the other dogs and … Continue reading The Silence of the Wild Dogs

The Orange Gerbera

By Ruby Pressman There was a homeless man beating out the rhythms of the songs on the radio station at my local coffeeshop the other afternoon. I am sometimes sensitive to sound, but I didn't even mind -- I felt at peace and it became just like another facet of the background noise of the … Continue reading The Orange Gerbera

Me and the Chandler Mall

By Debra White In mid-October 2001, a sprawling shopping complex including a two-level mall known as Chandler Fashion Square, opened in the East Valley area of Phoenix to rave reviews. Critics said malls were fading away and questioned whether the new mall would succeed. I shrugged off the doom and gloom. Someone always nitpicked, didn’t … Continue reading Me and the Chandler Mall

Nightmares and the Monsters that Breed Them

By Susan L. League Dreams have always been a part of my life, especially recurrent, other-worldly nightmares. My imagination was and still is that of a child. Born and raised in the deep south by an unusual mother, who was schizophrenic, undiagnosed, and untreated, so everything was real to her. There were aliens, who planted … Continue reading Nightmares and the Monsters that Breed Them