By Melissa Williams Midway through my second week in the ICU, I spiked a fever. My heart rate soared, and my chest felt like it might burst. Ice packs were placed under my neck, and when they thawed, I asked for more.  I sucked on cotton swabs frozen in a layer of ice, convinced in … Continue reading Fever

Saying Goodbye in Key West

By Sarah Brennan “Child please, you made it safely!  Praise God.”  My Aunt Ruthie’s exclamations of greeted me in the small arrivals’ terminal at the Key West Airport. After a day of travel from California I was relieved, and slightly energized, to have finally made it.  The warm, humid, tropical air enveloped me as we … Continue reading Saying Goodbye in Key West

Me and the Chandler Mall

By Debra White In mid-October 2001, a sprawling shopping complex including a two-level mall known as Chandler Fashion Square, opened in the East Valley area of Phoenix to rave reviews. Critics said malls were fading away and questioned whether the new mall would succeed. I shrugged off the doom and gloom. Someone always nitpicked, didn’t … Continue reading Me and the Chandler Mall

Nightmares and the Monsters that Breed Them

By Susan L. League Dreams have always been a part of my life, especially recurrent, other-worldly nightmares. My imagination was and still is that of a child. Born and raised in the deep south by an unusual mother, who was schizophrenic, undiagnosed, and untreated, so everything was real to her. There were aliens, who planted … Continue reading Nightmares and the Monsters that Breed Them

Review of New Shores by Ciaran J. McLarnon

New Shores  By Ciaran J. McLarnon  Release Date: October 10, 2021  Review by Thomas Page  Imagine, for a moment, if someone came up to you and asked you to draw a circle around where you lived. What would you include? Who would be within your circle? Now, imagine that person taking that map and throwing … Continue reading Review of New Shores by Ciaran J. McLarnon