Stilling the Ripples

By Earl Smith One of the core ideas of Buddhism centers on the first steps on the path to self-knowledge. Here are some thoughts that might help you start on that journey. We’ll go together. *** Let your imagination transport you to a small pond somewhere within a leafy wood. Let’s say the time is … Continue reading Stilling the Ripples

The Silence of the Wild Dogs

By Dr. Elizabeth V. Koshy  We had just settled on the playground of the Amravati University in a huge circle for lunch that day, when we noticed a few dogs, standing a few feet away from us, all looking towards us. A fawn coloured dog stood a little distance away from the other dogs and … Continue reading The Silence of the Wild Dogs

SHE: An International Women’s Day Write-up

By Mehreen Ahmed Editor's Note: International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th each year. Mehreen Ahmed wrote this essay on International Women's Day 2022. When God created Eve, he had created not a companion, but a woman of power. One who would be instrumental to the creation of human history. Her act, a single … Continue reading SHE: An International Women’s Day Write-up