Pan’s Dilemma and Other Artworks

By Gregory Johnson Pan's Dilemmalook to the living one as long as you liveceremonialanother day in paradisean innocent bystander Gregory Johnson has been an artist and poet for over forty years. For Gregory, poetry and art is a much- needed therapy, a way to get out of this mind trap. He attended Cooper School of … Continue reading Pan’s Dilemma and Other Artworks

Michelangelo: Painter and Poet (V2)

By Michael Lee Johnson   Michelangelo with steel balls and a wire brush wishing he was wearing motorcycle leathers, going wild and crazy, stares cross-eyed at the Sistine Chapel ceiling- nose touching moist paint, body stretch out on a plank, bones held by ropes from falling- delirious, painting that face of Jesus and the Prophets … Continue reading Michelangelo: Painter and Poet (V2)