Alejandro, 2019

By Tomer Peretz   “Alejandro”, 2019 Oil on Canvas 72” x 60” Part of my upcoming exhibition “Incomplete”, Ouro Studio, LA, CA Narcos actor, Alejandro Edda is a friend of mine and he is staring in a short film called “El Bus”; a story of a family man who gives up on life. Not being … Continue reading Alejandro, 2019

“Painter’s Tape”

By Thomas Page I am student teaching a senior level class in Washington, DC. They have to write some poems on these prompts. I decided to try all 30 of them. However, I will not say what the prompt was but what its number was. Prompt #30 Painter’s tape lines the room I wrote all … Continue reading “Painter’s Tape”

Michelangelo: Painter and Poet (V2)

By Michael Lee Johnson   Michelangelo with steel balls and a wire brush wishing he was wearing motorcycle leathers, going wild and crazy, stares cross-eyed at the Sistine Chapel ceiling- nose touching moist paint, body stretch out on a plank, bones held by ropes from falling- delirious, painting that face of Jesus and the Prophets … Continue reading Michelangelo: Painter and Poet (V2)