Karaoke and Horticulture

By Peter Mladinic Karaoke Backyard sun and shadows and birds chirping takes me back to one birthday winter night at the Texas Lounge. We took turns at karaoke. At the mic I was attempting “Bernadette” as sung by the Four Tops. Shots of courage I’d gotten from the bar didn’t prevent my voice’s faltering, uncertain … Continue reading Karaoke and Horticulture

Five Poems by Pete Mladinic

Destitute in Eunice   In Eunice no trees grow There are sand hills And as in Jal and Hobbs mistakes   As in Jal and Hobbs families mourn Where we were five One says now we are four   In Eunice wind shifts sand But the hills do not leave Mistakes are made people grieve … Continue reading Five Poems by Pete Mladinic