Nature Photography

By Kian Zehtabian Photographer's Note: I usually don't say anything on my work but this time I decided to say some words because some people may do complete misinterpretations like one of my friends. Indeed art perception is subjective but let me say that my main issue is just and just loneliness and also absolutely … Continue reading Nature Photography

White Fairy Lights Brighten the Trails

By Carmen F Micsa Life can be a fairy-tale Photo by CARMEN F MICSA, Salmon Falls Trails, CA  White fairy lanterns — orbits of light cascade down winter’s raw and reddish earth on an early spring day. Wide-opened cups of joy —  nature’s nod to winter’s sorrows melted away as quickly as chirping sparrows. Serene snow globes, the delicate white … Continue reading White Fairy Lights Brighten the Trails