Review of Unsung Offerings by Marianne Brems

Unsung Offerings By Marianne Brems Release Date: September 3,  2021  Review by Thomas Page  Nature is an integral part of art. It has a vivacity that will remain despite all of the factors that seek to destroy it. We are all a part of Nature and it is a part of us. Marianne Brems’ Unsung … Continue reading Review of Unsung Offerings by Marianne Brems

Musical Selection

By Adam Abdelaziz Rats, rats, rats, Everywhere you looked, you saw rats! Rats on the doormats, Rats on the bathmats, Rats so giant they scared tomcats. Then one day came a man, Who said he could help us, who said he had a plan, Dressed in green, blue, and red, with a pipe in hand, … Continue reading Musical Selection