Musical Selection

By Adam Abdelaziz Rats, rats, rats, Everywhere you looked, you saw rats! Rats on the doormats, Rats on the bathmats, Rats so giant they scared tomcats. Then one day came a man, Who said he could help us, who said he had a plan, Dressed in green, blue, and red, with a pipe in hand, … Continue reading Musical Selection

Touchstone and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Touchstone My hero’s nature seen in the field, landscape laid for bloom and seed, words worth reading, learning creed, where heart buried, under ground. Hearts unaware, sink, daffodils - thought gaudy, banded, bucket bunch, an Easter easy, child-mind bribe - this crowded host without a guide, no manual, dead heading, scythe, flow … Continue reading Touchstone and Other Poems