Safe From the World and Other Poems

By Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal Safe From the World Under a somber cloud I hear a distant echo from the waves at sea. Deep in the ocean or just half the way, a whole new world exists. Great giant fish thrive there. The sun is just a white speck in the sky. The waters are cool … Continue reading Safe From the World and Other Poems

Ramble and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Ramble Rather than ramble, Remember that Babel Is more than a city. In fact, it is a place That encourages diversity Despite barriers, And there is no need To feel inferior Without consent. Revel in wonderment! Complement Primary and secondary colors Complement one another And are just as vibrant As pleasant … Continue reading Ramble and Other Poems

A Senryutaph and Other Poems

By Ken Gosse A Senryutaph Practically perfect, sans faux pas, narcissism was his only flaw. Lessons from my Knuckles Kittens are riddles: mysteries in enigmas, snuggly and snaggly. Changing of the Pants Whatever he said pales, in matrimony, to whatever she said. Petrifying Poetry A terrordactyl may be hidden, unbidden, in unruly verse. Why Try … Continue reading A Senryutaph and Other Poems