Only They Are Mine – My Parents

By Sahaj Sabharwal   When everyone is there, concerned with their own lives, Only they are here with me, Not concerned about themselves, But with my life only. When everyone is against me, Only they are with me, And as they believe me and know me well , Are enough against any number of people … Continue reading Only They Are Mine – My Parents

The Angelic Minnesong (Courtly Lovesong)

By Paweł Markiewicz The enchanted moon is solely for you. You are doing the sempiternity herein on earth. You guardian angel conjure dreams of me. So marvelously-propitiously your heavenly mirror shines. The courtly love to the angellet are sorceries. In your vans reveries live. I like you, the angel, drunken with a magnificence of dew, … Continue reading The Angelic Minnesong (Courtly Lovesong)

Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Underrepresentation   Minorities Combined with Congruence Parallelism Iridescence Colors Reflecting Diversity Trapped & bound, but still bursting with freedom   Bold   Be audacious Independent Iridescent Color the world And paint over What is dark   Nestled Lives   Security vs. Simplicity vs. Audacity (but not recklessness) Some might say That they do not have … Continue reading Poems by Alex Andy Phuong