By Anthony Ward Thuds and creaks of perplexing timber haunt the house, As I seek solitude against the grandfather clock Chiming down the hall, Staring at the radio in order to listen harder, As I rub my thumb across the dented desk Tracing scratches of a lifetimes endeavour. How I love to watch the weather … Continue reading Reminiscence

Human Tragedy and Other Poems

By Amirah Al Wassif Human Tragedy The holes that carved upon my forehead; Reveal how old am I My children had eaten their self From a very young age. I'm the mother Who peels the hours? With the patience's knife. Watching their severed heads Sparkling from upstairs Like stars. I am the mother, I shout … Continue reading Human Tragedy and Other Poems

Grudges and Like I Knew You Would Disappear Today

By Ritiksha Sharma Grudges My father’s book of spells was always one page short of discovery and miracles, for we caught it one day; scraping away its own skin; falling epidermis, sloughing and shedding, exhausted under the force of handwritten notes; poor thing was always heavier than the day before; that is even when we … Continue reading Grudges and Like I Knew You Would Disappear Today