Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Underrepresentation   Minorities Combined with Congruence Parallelism Iridescence Colors Reflecting Diversity Trapped & bound, but still bursting with freedom   Bold   Be audacious Independent Iridescent Color the world And paint over What is dark   Nestled Lives   Security vs. Simplicity vs. Audacity (but not recklessness) Some might say That they do not have … Continue reading Poems by Alex Andy Phuong

Alphabets: Omega

By Thomas Page Endings either come too soon or too late. The theatergoers itching to move Watching the actor butcher the iamb times five; The shoe on the gas-pedal rolling the ankle With the hand primed on the horn; The pilgrims waiting for the pilgrimage to end So that they can lay their head on … Continue reading Alphabets: Omega

Poems by Alan Parry

Office Job dying of life – wasted while Americana – tinny/quiet – plays in the background   and the walls encroach and the windows shake   Children the sister is sitting cross-legged on her bedroom floor in torn jeans – surrounded by                   shadows/glossy magazines/scissors/tape/scrapbooks making kings and queens – fawning over idols the older brother … Continue reading Poems by Alan Parry