A Small Haul

By Ranjit Kulkarni At 9.15 pm, Sub Inspector Satya got a phone call on his landline at home. "Sir, tonight," the sneaky voice at the other end said. Sub inspector Satya looked around to ensure no one was listening. His wife was not in the room.  "When?" he asked. There was a slight disturbance in … Continue reading A Small Haul

The Woods Can Be Good

By David B. Barnes My view of the world had changed after years of being disappointed by people who seemed to be focused on hurting anyone they could, for any reason or for no reason. I started wearing a badge to make a difference. I found that those of us who wanted to help our … Continue reading The Woods Can Be Good


By Jake Suh   “Parker, why did you shoot?” I sat there, fiercely tangling my fingers until words finally managed to escape my clenched teeth. “I didn’t know it was fake,” I muttered. My palms dampened with sweat as Lieutenant Herbert raised one of his bushy eyebrows. He picked up his pen. Click...click...click. I watched … Continue reading Ben