Piggeldy and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Piggeldy Higgeldy history my herd,cottages hugging by the sward-play place for boys, both buckler, shield,of nightly virtue, on the verge -grown up now to framed panes cleaning,climbing ginnel rooves, swear-slating,complaining of the price of nails;crossword streets, by square set laid outare unknown strangers to our air.Above, the blacksmith, bellow noised,barging the lad … Continue reading Piggeldy and Other Poems

Poems by Marc Carver

HAPPINESS, HAPPINESS THE GREATEST GIFT A MAN CAN POSSESS If she had asked I would have said I want some kind of happiness not long a week a day an hour just something just something to know it was still possible but of course she never asked ALONE For the first time in my life … Continue reading Poems by Marc Carver