The Poetry Reading

By Rose Aiello Morales Someone screamed for five minutes and no one applauded. One reader whispered curse words in several languages. Then they let in the clowns. One juggled several stanzas while riding a unicycle blindfolded, another stood stock still as a tear ran down his cheek, which drove the crowd wild. They threw sawdust … Continue reading The Poetry Reading


By Thomas Page I’ve never read any of my poems in public. Not because I have some apprehension about sharing them in a room mixed of strangers and friends But just that I prefer people to read them themselves.   I tend to write “closet poems” like many of the plays of the Roman language, … Continue reading “Recitation”

Canadian Seasons Exiled Poet

By Michael Lee Johnson Walking across the seasons in exile in worn out house slippers, summer in Alberta prairies- snowshoes, cross-country skiing winter in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm man captured in Canadian wilderness, North Saskatchewan River. I embrace winters of this north call them mercy killers. Exiled now 10 years here I turn rain into thunder, days … Continue reading Canadian Seasons Exiled Poet