Leaving For Love

By Luke Beling The sea was a candle in his eyes. If he hoped to find what lay underneath it, he'd need to kiss her on the lips and promise to be back one day. Mary considered herself more than obtuse, undebated over like the choice of a holiday in the mountains or at the … Continue reading Leaving For Love

The Basket Weavers

By Steve Carr Mrs. Chattam’s tendency toward exaggerated worries and anxieties led her to view the man outside the cottage on the other side of the pond with a great deal of apprehension. The only things she saw him take out of the back of his car were several fishing poles and a shiny red … Continue reading The Basket Weavers

The Lane is a River

By Ann Christine Tabaka                                                                                                                  We were in our mid-forties when we decided to get married. We had both been married before. At that point in our lives, we thought it would be best if we found that perfect house before exchanging our vows. At our age we knew we did not need to buy … Continue reading The Lane is a River