Sincerely Natural and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Sincerely Natural Natural Wonder Wondrous indeed Encompassing the sublime Sometimes fading with time Preserve such beauty Through environmental advocacy And take a stand To defend the land Through lending a hand Founding Founding Fathers Helped establish America Finding oneself Is part of the dream No matter how rough Life might seem, … Continue reading Sincerely Natural and Other Poems

His Words

By Rebby Berard “What are you doing?” “Watching turtles.” “Isn’t that boring?” “Nah, they’re cool.” “I guess so…” “Look, those two are friends!” “Like us.” “Just like us.” “They’re probably all friends.” “Or family.” “Either way, I’m more lonely than these turtles.” “Ah yes, this is a conversation between you, Allen Jameson, and me, chopped … Continue reading His Words