Stilling the Ripples

By Earl Smith One of the core ideas of Buddhism centers on the first steps on the path to self-knowledge. Here are some thoughts that might help you start on that journey. We’ll go together. *** Let your imagination transport you to a small pond somewhere within a leafy wood. Let’s say the time is … Continue reading Stilling the Ripples


By Susan Cleveland "Welcome to LifeMart. How can I help you?" Maggie inquired. Her first customer was a young man in his late teens. His blonde hair, clear complexion, and strong build emanated the look of good health. He approached her with a sheepish grin and eyes full of hope. "This will probably sound strange, … Continue reading LifeMart

SHE: An International Women’s Day Write-up

By Mehreen Ahmed Editor's Note: International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th each year. Mehreen Ahmed wrote this essay on International Women's Day 2022. When God created Eve, he had created not a companion, but a woman of power. One who would be instrumental to the creation of human history. Her act, a single … Continue reading SHE: An International Women’s Day Write-up

The Philosophers on the Woods

By John Watts There were two philosophers, one a Christian, the other an Atheist, and they were enjoying a stroll deep in the woodlands of sunny Sussex, in serious discussion about matters which arrested the minds of philosophers, Christians and Atheists. The discourse and the arguments on both sides were the most profound and convincing … Continue reading The Philosophers on the Woods