By Jon Moray For Shane, it was one of those days, in the middle of one of those weeks, at the end of one of those months, during one of those years…and it was only May. His downward spiral of misfortune included a job demotion, a diabetes diagnosis, and constant hounding from collection agencies over … Continue reading Base


By Ian Copestick Daffodils, daisies, and dandelions, the colours yellow and white blazing against the green background, even when wet, and rained upon is a sight that gladdens my heart. After months of skeletal naked trees, and muddy churned up grass that looks like the Somme, to see colours other than grey and green, the … Continue reading Blazing

Hedge Your Bets

By Doug Dawson             "Bless me Father, it's been ... three years since my last confession and these are my sins."             "Just a minute, my son ... why so long?"             "I've been very ... busy, Father."             "Too busy to come to confession?"             "I've been ... doing other things."             "Have you … Continue reading Hedge Your Bets

Poems by Robert L. Martin

Weavers of the Clay Fatherly fathers, potters of the clay, ambassadors of morality and knowledge, inheritors of obligations, relinquishing their self fulfilling desires, giving up their selfish dreams, molding their sons and daughters on the potter's wheel with sagacious hands and careful fingers, defining and representing moral integrity and providence, planting seeds in their minds, … Continue reading Poems by Robert L. Martin