A Moment of Synchronicity

By Ruby Pressman Today, I was sitting outside a church with my friend Christina. "Do you think --" I paused. "Do I think that God really exists?" We both laughed. "No," I chuckled, "I meant -- do you think that life makes any sense?" "No, are you kidding me?! Of course not!" I thought she … Continue reading A Moment of Synchronicity

Mashed Potato

By Henry Tydeman The other children had already finished their tea and left the table. Michael sat with his short legs hanging over the edge of the chair, eating quietly, whilst his mother was leaning against the wall and speaking to her friend. Michael was concentrating on his mashed potato, and only heard snippets of … Continue reading Mashed Potato

The Philosophers on the Woods

By John Watts There were two philosophers, one a Christian, the other an Atheist, and they were enjoying a stroll deep in the woodlands of sunny Sussex, in serious discussion about matters which arrested the minds of philosophers, Christians and Atheists. The discourse and the arguments on both sides were the most profound and convincing … Continue reading The Philosophers on the Woods

Hedge Your Bets

By Doug Dawson             "Bless me Father, it's been ... three years since my last confession and these are my sins."             "Just a minute, my son ... why so long?"             "I've been very ... busy, Father."             "Too busy to come to confession?"             "I've been ... doing other things."             "Have you … Continue reading Hedge Your Bets

Poems by Robert L. Martin

Weavers of the Clay Fatherly fathers, potters of the clay, ambassadors of morality and knowledge, inheritors of obligations, relinquishing their self fulfilling desires, giving up their selfish dreams, molding their sons and daughters on the potter's wheel with sagacious hands and careful fingers, defining and representing moral integrity and providence, planting seeds in their minds, … Continue reading Poems by Robert L. Martin