Vivacity and Other Poems

By Alex Andy Phuong Vivacity Vivacious Stupendous Spirits high Defy thy sky More than I For the lively Live freely Lift oneself Be thyself No matter what city Or residence Where one resides For the world Is the home of all Ritual Sunrise sunset Sunrise sunset Cyclical cycle Begin again And again Darkness giving way … Continue reading Vivacity and Other Poems

Four Poems by Marianne Brems

Their Ritual   Sparrows prance on slick rock   where water bubbles  down from a fountain.  They primp and fluff  and puff their dripping chests.  They wet their heads  and rub them clean  with the undersides of wings.  They peck  and chase  and squawk at each other, their energy focused like a spear  as they jostle … Continue reading Four Poems by Marianne Brems