“Rooves of Dreams”

By Ahmad Al-Khatat   The rooves of memories are dusty as much as the rooves of my dreams  even when my heart beats like a  wild animal and never dies in my mind My mother’s first cookie tasted of strong  grief, since then I understood the  reasons why my baby was endlessly crying as he … Continue reading “Rooves of Dreams”

“Roof Shingles Falling for Each Other”

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan A hand in the land, who needs a trowel? Dirt under the nails. Wires of robot circumcision snipped. Grass clippings over naked legs. Lyme disease ticks by the hedge line. A hand on the hip for balance. Roof shingles falling for each other. Perhaps some lemonade. Ice in a rattling sweaty … Continue reading “Roof Shingles Falling for Each Other”