Midges and Other Poems

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan Midges We are being good Canadians. Saving up all our recycling until it piles over and we have to drive out to the recycling place by the water treatment plant. And we have to drive deep into the woods. The windows rolled up because of the bugs. Swarms of midges that … Continue reading Midges and Other Poems

Poems by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

  Dating the Pyramids    I shower and shave  and dress up for the evening.   Style my hair with product  before borrowing my  parent’s car.   Dating the Pyramids. One at a time, of course.   I am a gentleman, you see. Have each of them home by curfew.   Never wanting there to … Continue reading Poems by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

“Roof Shingles Falling for Each Other”

By Ryan Quinn Flanagan A hand in the land, who needs a trowel? Dirt under the nails. Wires of robot circumcision snipped. Grass clippings over naked legs. Lyme disease ticks by the hedge line. A hand on the hip for balance. Roof shingles falling for each other. Perhaps some lemonade. Ice in a rattling sweaty … Continue reading “Roof Shingles Falling for Each Other”