Catechism Lesson

By John Affleck When Monsignor Sweeney visits our fifth-grade classroom, everybody gets geeked up, even more than when we’re in Sister Madeline’s English class. Usually, we get about 30 minutes notice, like an air raid, before Sweeney shows up. Our homeroom teacher, Sister Noreen, announces the visit in a formal tone — we’re lucky enough … Continue reading Catechism Lesson

Alphabets: Sigma

By Thomas Page My many years can be summed in on a transcript Marking each of my earned three-hours with a letter And a decimal’d point to a larger number That makes me summa or magne or not At the end of it all on a May day. Can I sum it all up in … Continue reading Alphabets: Sigma

A Keyboard As Hot As A Smocking Barrel

By Mendes Biondo I’ve got to write an article about a banner affixed against the wall of a library something against mobsters and indifference something for those who believe culture could kill professionals with smoking guns or lawyers accountants notaries corrupt   I’ve got to write that piece but I can feel my stomach aching … Continue reading A Keyboard As Hot As A Smocking Barrel