“Grammarian” (Haiku 183-188)

By Thomas Page Grammar, grammar, ev’rywhere But not a drop to Think—English lecture The passive voice is Found in wordy, technical Scholarly journals The active voice finds Itself in the style guides Of writing classes Write, revise, write, breathe, Revise, look up source again, Rewrite, revise, print “More than him” means, in Essence, I prefer … Continue reading “Grammarian” (Haiku 183-188)

“Secondary” (Haiku 204-209)

By Thomas Page Numbers, decimals Black strokes on a page, A grade book or old ledger Chalk-coated blackboards Hung scuffed off white walls; Academic yin and yang A snow warning on The news. No delay did the District. Go to school. Colorless ice does Not shine when headlights happen Upon frozen streets A rainbow of … Continue reading “Secondary” (Haiku 204-209)

New Years Day, Hallelujah, Kindergarten Forest

By Thomas Page “New Years Day” As night bleeds into day, the sun Will rise against a Renaissance’d World of resolutions, hopes, dreams. Holy day of obligation Sets the nail on the old vinyl To chant songs of the Mother of God. The Christmas tree is thrown out Into expanse of wilderness. “Hallelujah” Hallelujah, alleluia No matter … Continue reading New Years Day, Hallelujah, Kindergarten Forest

Shopping, Book Exchange, Alliterations Available

By Thomas Page “Shopping” The parking lot is full of them— Christmas Maenads—desperately Trying to park their Subarus, Fords, or whatever crossovers Popular these days. I’m almost Hit by them trying to reverse Into a lucrative spot near The Amish Market. Pure madness. “Book Exchange” This shouldn’t be as stressful as It is. It’s just … Continue reading Shopping, Book Exchange, Alliterations Available

Catlogues, Form and Fuction, Birds on a Telephone Wire

“Catalogues” Catalogues online are very Hard because out-of-stock items Disappear forever. Excuse Me, I was trying to find that Shirt in my size, now it’s gone for Eternity. Eons upon Eons I must live without that Shirt—age of frustrated shopping. “Form and Function” Form and function in a poem serve As a guide and game … Continue reading Catlogues, Form and Fuction, Birds on a Telephone Wire

Hephaestus And Zeus

By Thomas Page “Hephaestus” They called it Carolinian Stone in the catalogue. It’s gray Upon tinted gray. A gas line Feeds into a glass chamber where It ignites in bound passionate Fire. It makes a banging noise Whenever it’s turned on like Hephaestus’ forge underground. “Zeus” It, like other appliances, Is platinum. It’s interior Is … Continue reading Hephaestus And Zeus