By Nicholas Beaupre “Who did this?” He points to the board. Someone had erased parts of the lesson plan. The students stare back, their eyes shining in the purple light spilling through the window. His intricate model of the moons is half gone. Sighing, Dr.Varbo paces. No one says anything. He stops at the window. The … Continue reading “Dr.Varbo”

Big Fight in FortReal Chapter 1

By Chaher Alzaman Chapter One 0. A flying punch pushed through the cold air. It missed, but the fight carried on.  Now there were more cheering and rowdiness in the crowd.  The fight heated up, and the crowd engulfed more crowd.  More punches were thrown, and the crowd asked for more.  Outrageously, one of the spectators seemed to be moving … Continue reading Big Fight in FortReal Chapter 1

Story Contest 3rd place

The Braille Reader By Deryn Pittar “There’re feathers all over the floor, again,” Mother said, her voice cross and exasperated. “I’m heartily sick of picking them up.” Christina shook her head at this utterly ridiculous statement, considering they didn’t have a budgie or a parrot. Her mother had early-on-set dementia and  often became confused. She … Continue reading Story Contest 3rd place