Grate Garden

By Alex Andy Phuong A man stepped out into the sunlight. Dawn had just came about, and then this person felthis feet upon the grass. Unfortunately, there were many weeds scattered throughout the lawn.The man toiled the soil, yet remembered the beauty of the Earth. Through love and care, thisman felt connected to the land, … Continue reading Grate Garden

A Blinding Light

By Mehreen Ahmed Just when Lizzy Crimson was leaving the art exhibition, a black and white picture hanging on the far side of a wall caught her attention. It was unbelievably mesmerising, and surrealistic. It looked like a downing of the sun at night. But the bright light that it emanated were white and diffused. … Continue reading A Blinding Light

His Stories

By Guy Farmer Sitting in his room, Telling himself His stories, Over and over, Because no one Else will listen to them, Though they assure him They care deeply About his well-being. Guy Farmer writes deep short poems about the human condition. Visit him online at Unconventional Being,