“Perchance A Dream”

By Lynn White   'To sleep perchance to dream." Who said that? Sounds so gentle, but there's a rub, a rough edge to it. Not the long deathly sleep, though  but drifting away in night time slumber. It can take you anywhere. Take you to places you haven't been and may not want to go. … Continue reading “Perchance A Dream”


By Sanjeev Sethi Collectanea of ache beetles over sleep. Interludes weigh on sense and spirit by bringing to light alethic notions that are often neglected. Pitchpersons of probity own channels that trot out truth. Some peck at their plates, scrunch and swallow bones, others unfold orts and oddments. Both are heritors of heartbreak.    Sanjeev Sethi is … Continue reading Slumberland