By Marc Craver Some days there is nothing to write about not a d-- thing no joy no hate nothing but black clouds and the sound of nothing no one to talk to no thing do you want to do no doing no coming no going not even the chance of a little drink to … Continue reading TAP


By: Kelli J Gavin       The term, she wears her heart on her sleeve is wasted on me. I wear my heart everywhere on my physical person. I am a crier. I always have been. My mother used to retell the story of when I was three and she found me sitting silently … Continue reading Crier

Poems by J.J. Campbell

yet another bridge my poisoned mind has burned yet another bridge thankfully, i still know how to swim ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ in southern ohio dance naked in the rain in a river in southern ohio pay no attention to the thunder and lightning let the river carry you downstream spark a mystery that will wake a sleepy … Continue reading Poems by J.J. Campbell