By Mehreen Ahmed Tongi It was a glass room, Tongi. Literally, a room which was made of glass built on stilts in the far shade of a village pond. The pond's algae reflected its green on its glass walls. On rainy days, slanting rains fell on it and left its droplets to slide down the glass. Tongi … Continue reading Tongi

Echoes of a Distant Future

By John Lane For the past fifty years, NASA led a secret government project, called The Spoken Word, to determine the existence of life inside black holes. At the dawn of the twenty-first century, after the first two probes self-destructed, the agency successfully sent out a third probe, nicknamed Alpha 3, equipped with faster-than-light technology. … Continue reading Echoes of a Distant Future

Story Contest 3rd place

The Braille Reader By Deryn Pittar “There’re feathers all over the floor, again,” Mother said, her voice cross and exasperated. “I’m heartily sick of picking them up.” Christina shook her head at this utterly ridiculous statement, considering they didn’t have a budgie or a parrot. Her mother had early-on-set dementia and  often became confused. She … Continue reading Story Contest 3rd place