Sacrosanct and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Sacrosanct A lower middle class affair, though I knew nothing else; a serviette bound napkin ring, unrealised it taut. The cloth for granted taken ironed spread of shining white - swept after, brush and crumb pan, Edwardian no doubt. Place mats were blossoms blooming, japonica was mine, botanic chaenomeles - aka unknown … Continue reading Sacrosanct and Other Poems

Four Emptied Soles and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Four Emptied Soles Wailing, she nestles four shoes, then lays them on poor brown earth, witness to total loss, for these the only graves for three. Rearranging the order, as if seeking for a match, but only one pair present - even shoes sustained a loss. A cloth scrap drapes unmoving, limp-hangs … Continue reading Four Emptied Soles and Other Poems

Piggeldy and Other Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth Piggeldy Higgeldy history my herd,cottages hugging by the sward-play place for boys, both buckler, shield,of nightly virtue, on the verge -grown up now to framed panes cleaning,climbing ginnel rooves, swear-slating,complaining of the price of nails;crossword streets, by square set laid outare unknown strangers to our air.Above, the blacksmith, bellow noised,barging the lad … Continue reading Piggeldy and Other Poems

Five British Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Hard Centre Why chocolate box that so attracts -  the honeyed stone, a cottage thatch, by packhorse bridge, pink pastel walls, with hollyhocks, delphiniums, wisteria, bunched purple grapes? Is it wanting outside latrine, ash to clear daily from the grate, the damp patch creeping up the walls, the gentle rot of window frames, or candle … Continue reading Five British Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Reel Journeys   Few weekend miles I pedal bike through juggernauts, a colporteur, of imaginations, peddler, to change her library books, as scout to scour travel shelves for tomes, to take round globe poor-sight shut-in.   I, from saddle, expedition lead, survey routes, change climate, clime, prepare her passage, appoint path, sail wave, hack jungle … Continue reading Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Three Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Sanga   Wrap, face, skin reflecting pile pineapples, toothy sarong fruit vendors sentry corners, slow spiral screw to mountains drag-drawn from flatland haze. Lushed tier paddies, suspended tanks, glitter dun-lime battle grounds,  side-step from trunked trunk haulers, gross chink-link necklaces, chained to logs and bored mahouts; noising in the jungle edge, pale emerging stolid heads, … Continue reading Three Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth