Five British Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Hard Centre Why chocolate box that so attracts -  the honeyed stone, a cottage thatch, by packhorse bridge, pink pastel walls, with hollyhocks, delphiniums, wisteria, bunched purple grapes? Is it wanting outside latrine, ash to clear daily from the grate, the damp patch creeping up the walls, the gentle rot of window frames, or candle … Continue reading Five British Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Rather British Poems

By Stephen Kingsnorth   Ilkley Crags   Far from south western sibling tors these stubby crags emerge from peat, amongst scrag season's heather, gorse; but mother loved these Yorkshire moors so different from her Exmoor stags. Yarn Dunster lass, strode tussocks, tufts, the billowed gale, church choir let loose to chant baht ‘at with ducks … Continue reading Rather British Poems

Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Reel Journeys   Few weekend miles I pedal bike through juggernauts, a colporteur, of imaginations, peddler, to change her library books, as scout to scour travel shelves for tomes, to take round globe poor-sight shut-in.   I, from saddle, expedition lead, survey routes, change climate, clime, prepare her passage, appoint path, sail wave, hack jungle … Continue reading Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Three Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Sanga   Wrap, face, skin reflecting pile pineapples, toothy sarong fruit vendors sentry corners, slow spiral screw to mountains drag-drawn from flatland haze. Lushed tier paddies, suspended tanks, glitter dun-lime battle grounds,  side-step from trunked trunk haulers, gross chink-link necklaces, chained to logs and bored mahouts; noising in the jungle edge, pale emerging stolid heads, … Continue reading Three Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth

Meet up at the River    With Chris, by reeds, before day heat, dawn song went down to the river.   He, college man,  middle ‘Yonges’, long gone, soul and body doctor, journal only google, atrial fibrillation access, leaving own sugar needle flask once on station platform, boarding panic.   Assamese coffee shop, assumed hippy … Continue reading Poems by Stephen Kingsnorth