Mashed Potato

By Henry Tydeman The other children had already finished their tea and left the table. Michael sat with his short legs hanging over the edge of the chair, eating quietly, whilst his mother was leaning against the wall and speaking to her friend. Michael was concentrating on his mashed potato, and only heard snippets of … Continue reading Mashed Potato

Academy Classics: O Tannenbaum

By Thomas Page The tree sort of slumped over. Ornaments scattered all over the ground. On the way down, the tree took out several pictures on the mantle. The ground was covered in broken glass, clay, and porcelain. Their dog, Sparkles, was trying to eat the remains of a surfing Santa. “Well, I’ll get some … Continue reading Academy Classics: O Tannenbaum

Academy Classics: Thrice

By Thomas Page Everybody in town knew about the murders. You couldn’t walk down Washington Street without someone tapping you on the shoulder to confirm what they already knew. The Harrisons had lived in this little ordinary house on top of Rodham Hill about fifteen long steps away from their neighbors—the Tiffanys. Dan Tiffany was … Continue reading Academy Classics: Thrice