By Caitlyn Forte   9/7/17 No. 9/7/17 So, apparently I’m not allowed to write a single word and call it a day. They told me I have to write about how I’m feeling. Supposedly it helps to write things out on paper so you can see it. Some bullshit about how it doesn’t get stuck in … Continue reading “Breathe”

Breathe In, Breathe Out

By Jessica Ricks   Everything stops. Shaking hands, heart palpitations Throat tightens, Someone standing on my chest Weighing me down. Falling through space, accelerating, The world is a haze. Breath stuck, oxygen deprived Concentration gone.   Breathe in, breathe out.   Time freezes. Suddenly a ghost no longer part of myself, On the outside. Nothing … Continue reading Breathe In, Breathe Out