Poetry by David Dephy

When I Am Going Out in the Summertime   When I am going out of the New York’s subway and especially in the summertime, through the Avenue H by the Q train in Brooklyn, I hear the sounds of ocean. Yet, I hear the sounds of ocean—the sounds of thoughts, the sounds of wishes and … Continue reading Poetry by David Dephy

Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield

By  Ken Allan Dronsfield    A Seasonal Minuet Summertime, however hard it tries, will always be warm and inviting. A walk along the beach and dunes as summer sings like cool lemonade. Now unreasonable is just the thing, gets me to wonder if summer is crazy. Autumn arrives and leaves are falling, I cannot help but … Continue reading Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Summer Contest Honorable Mentions

"Days of the Dragonfly" by Feby Joseph, "Summertime" by Rie Sheridan Rose, and "Boardwalk, Estival Solstice" by Gary Glauber. Boardwalk, Estival Solstice   Gary Glauber Fragrant silence of lily of the valley’s luster caught in lambent light of dying sunset signals certitude of seasonal change. Summer arrives, all sullen vigor descending, eager to vent shirtless … Continue reading Summer Contest Honorable Mentions