I am Scared of the Night

By Indunil Madhusankha (Previously published in the Tuck Magazine on 13th October 2015)   As the dusk creeps through the summit the once luscious sun dips below the rocky mounts And flocks of birds soar away weaving intricate patterns in the grayish sky   Thus the goddess of darkness, the night wielding her power right … Continue reading I am Scared of the Night

Two Poems by Guna Moran

Both poems are translated from the Assamese by Bibekananda Choudhury   "The Third Day" She is sitting to partake a meal Pushing aside pangs of sorrow No one dies of sorrow Hunger remains Till one is alive Death gets dwarfed by hunger   "Eye" Life would depart Leaving the body lying on earth Someone would cry … Continue reading Two Poems by Guna Moran