Mrs. Pearce

By Thomas Page In the eight houses I have lived in we have always lived with Mrs. Pearce. Now, Mrs. Pearce doesn’t say much but she always sits behind us at Thanksgiving Or listen to us as we opened gifts on Christmas. No one asked where Mrs. Pearce came from Or whether she would be … Continue reading Mrs. Pearce

Sweet Showers

By Thomas Page When the sticky air boils, sweet showers Pour down upon pilgrims making their way Somewhere as honored as Canterbury Looking for dissenting Thomases true As the horns of bulls parading in Spain. Every season turns as the graying clouds Baptize the pavement in its odor clean Of the pools they pull from—sower, … Continue reading Sweet Showers

Haiku by Thomas Page

A litany of Purple wildflowers on The concrete island. Knights of yore wore masks To protect themselves from strikes From their foes unknown. The rain poured purple— The lighting thunder gray— The sky shaded black. The salamanders Under the rocks with mother— Micro-firmament. The puzzle disjointed— A million bits of soul— Each color indistinct. The … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page

I Tried An Internet Challenge and It Went How You’d Expect

By Thomas Page   Self-Imposed challenges exist in every corner of the internet. If you were to look back, you would find people planking on top of garbage cans, standing still while a camera zooms around them, and, supposedly, eating laundry detergent pods. While most of these challenges exist in tandem with hashtags that are … Continue reading I Tried An Internet Challenge and It Went How You’d Expect

Haiku by Thomas Page

  The november rains  Pour down into the foggy Plains b’low hidden sun.  The faux-jade apple  On the faux-mahogany  Desk. Are these hands real? I cannot name the  Stars more ancient than I am With lights eclipsed now.  The trees grew orange-red,  The others stayed green-yellow, The trunks look the same.  The palm-reader’s map--  Like … Continue reading Haiku by Thomas Page