Three More Poems by Leah Mueller

"Solstice Koan"   Why not trust the return of the light in the midst of a cold winter rainstorm? The shortest day becomes the longest, becomes the shortest again. The cold sun crouches on the moon’s furthest axis, awaiting the signal to warmth. "The Mold of Us"   No longer a surprise, this unveiling. The … Continue reading Three More Poems by Leah Mueller

“Martial Telepathy”

By Leah Mueller   We’re all hackers, going where we have no business, other people’s brainstems and secret inboxes. Medieval peasants believed you could kill someone, just by                                             cursing him, invoke the supernatural, then drop a barrage of psychic missiles. Connected by a superhighway of gray matter, light years faster than pixels, your brain … Continue reading “Martial Telepathy”