Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Waltz of the Scarecrow That which gives often...may receive nothing in return. Do not be deceived by the words etched in stones. Corn often grows taller than words; words often grow taller than deeds. The Scarecrow walks the fields at night through stalks of corn taller than tales told by the fire. We take our … Continue reading Poems by Ken Allan Dronsfield

Waltz, Footprints in Snow (V2)

By Michael Lee Johnson December 24th, I find footprints in this snow, yours frozen, our broken dreams. Will your lawyer Grinch my wallet, fleece me while I pray to Jesus Christ tonight? Even the devil stoked in flames has standards, jukebox baby. Even Jesus suffers with the poor, feels lonely on winter moon distant planets. … Continue reading Waltz, Footprints in Snow (V2)