Cocoon Emergent

By Victoria Crawford Milkweed branch suspended, wet wings uncurl to signal visible chant of cymbals beat with runes encrypted. Nuance  baffles phonetic delivery. Delicate stretch under sun seasoning, salting vellum damp to parchment that cues message rhythms, cracks and curves, waved in wild calligraphy, blackletter skin engraved. Purposeful definition arises in wild words soaring  beyond vision, … Continue reading Cocoon Emergent

Poems by James Diaz

Strange Bliss The holy broken turns its face in the half-light again - what's your name again who gave this to you, so much pain I see it there writ on the lines of your face how long's it been since you last stepped outside the shadow of all the stuff that doesn't belong to … Continue reading Poems by James Diaz