“The Would-Be Hibernatory Blues”

By Ian Copestick   It's dusk, a freezing, misty Winter"s evening. Snow in the Air, and remnants of it on the Ground, here and there, where The sun in the short daytime Hasn't reached. The daylight Lasts less than eight hours Before surrendering to Darkness once again. The Earth and the air feel tired, Waiting … Continue reading “The Would-Be Hibernatory Blues”

Poem by Ian Copestick

By Ian Copestick   God, at this time of year, these Sub-zero nights can really Get you down. I wonder what It must be like to live somewhere Like L.A. where it's Sunny all year round and They've never seen snow. Except in the excruciating Xmas movies that they churn Out each year. Right now, … Continue reading Poem by Ian Copestick