Sweet Wood

By Mehreen Ahmed Late afternoon drizzles blighted the lights. Layered clouds, hung over in translucent folds. Dusky shadows fell upon a gully’s end. Next to this, a cinnamon farm lay stretched to the horizon. Tia Magnolia stood on this farm, under a cinnamon tree. Her red sari wavered in the moody winds. She stripped off … Continue reading Sweet Wood

Two Poems by Ursula McCabe

GOOSE BUMPS   Goose bumps- miniature primal humps. If we had more hair,  we would never notice you. But it’s not just the chill that elevates these tiny nodes. For me it was the misty fall walk near a brackish coastal stream. Suede like cattail heads  buoyant with slight wind, reed foliage set the stage, … Continue reading Two Poems by Ursula McCabe