Not So Humble Pie

By Tim Law Author's Note: Piece was originally titled "The Shadow" Looking out at the many faced crowd that had filed in to fill the available seating, Eric Flute, manager of the Redfield Library and Culture Center dabbed at his shiny forehead and tried to control his nerves. Eric always found that there was a … Continue reading Not So Humble Pie

The Dog Days of January

By Cat Sole It was the dog days of January, and she was dreaming of the beach. She lay in a pool of humidsweat on the single mattress, in the sunless room that was too small - and thought of blue skies, and sea-salt air, and blank sheets of paper.She thought of well-intentioned words of … Continue reading The Dog Days of January

A Keyboard As Hot As A Smocking Barrel

By Mendes Biondo I’ve got to write an article about a banner affixed against the wall of a library something against mobsters and indifference something for those who believe culture could kill professionals with smoking guns or lawyers accountants notaries corrupt   I’ve got to write that piece but I can feel my stomach aching … Continue reading A Keyboard As Hot As A Smocking Barrel