By Sunil Sharma 


Where is the anger?

Asks Jimmy Porter

And where are the other angry men?

Where is the next howl?

Asks Ginsberg.

And where is the scream?

Asks Munch.

Is madness passé?

Asks Gogh, a bit disoriented.

And where is my ambulance to drive in new hot spots?

Asks Hemingway.

They have demolished the windmills!

Says Don Quixote, disgusted.

And they no longer talk of the underdogs?

Quizzes Dostoevsky, crestfallen.

And what is this race for the Nobel?

Asks the saint Tolstoy.

Good! We belonged to another age and different values!

This culture sanctifies money and narcissism only!


Sunil Sharma is a college principal, freelance journalist, author and editor. Mumbai-based, he has published 19 books—solo and joint. His prose and poetry have appeared in many places in the world.

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