By Rose Aiello Morales
Someone screamed for five minutes and no one applauded.
One reader whispered curse words in several languages.
Then they let in the clowns.
One juggled several stanzas while riding a unicycle blindfolded,
another stood stock still as a tear ran down his cheek,
which drove the crowd wild.
They threw sawdust at his feet.
For several weeks red noses pontificated,
five rings gathered in a standing room only tent.
The circus now lives beneath a hidden spring in Sarasota Florida
and Emmett Kelly writes poetry in a bar in downtown Okahumpka.
Rose Aiello Morales is a poet currently living in Marietta, GA. She is a contributing poet for Mad Swirl Magazine and her work has been featured in Red Fez Magazine and ink, Sweat and Tears. She lives with her husband Alex and their three cats.

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