By Victor Schegin


'No Future' (2019) - Techniques mixtes - 116 x 81 cm.jpg

This is an artwork of my dystopia-themed series. The meaning of the text written on the canvas is exactly what you think. This piece supposes feelings, memories, and pieces of you are material. People began selling, buying, trading them some time ago. Through this 116 x 81 cm work I want to talk about indifference in daily life. People barely notice each other. Strangers don’t talk to each other. People live in their own world, with people they already know : they don’t want to be disturbed. We miss a lot when we don’t talk to new individuals. I often talk to strangers. They often find it weird in the first place, but in the end they are always grateful I came talking to them. It opens our minds to communicate with people outside our comfort zone. A stranger is a new person too. Many of us ignore people in pain on purpose : handicapped or sick persons, homeless humans. People don’t want to imagine for a second what their pain is : they refuse to look at them. A look is not useless. Once you know, it’s harder to refuse to help. Once you saw, it’s more difficult to ignore. There is no moral obligation to empathize, and you shouldn’t suffer uselessly if you don’t want to. Therefore, looking is accepting that it is. Maybe you’d help if you weren’t indifferent. Don’t let your insecurities take away your place in reality. This mixed techniques artwork shows people passing by somebody who has nothing. Like ghosts, they vanish around the poor woman’s loneliness. The woman who has nothing now offers to trade her childhood against your future. Do you see her?

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